UltraTrol Selection and Use

Product Availability

UltraTrol is currently offered only in the LN formulation (see below), reflecting the concentration of user demand over time into this version.  Inquiries regarding other versions of UltraTrol should be addressed to info@targetdiscovery.com.

UltraTrol was developed in several formulations that allow the user to select an appropriate UltraTrol dynamic pre-coating to optimize their separation outcomes, within the pH and buffer requirements stipulated by the run buffer.

In addition to being relatively independent of pH and buffer selection, a critical value delivered by UltraTrol is the outstanding reproducibility of separation control that it provides for the selected running conditions (note the +/- standard deviation error bars for lot-to-lot variation in the graph below).

Figure. Electroosmotic mobilities (μEOF) measured for several UltraTrol dynamic pre-coat
formulations as a function of pH. Control measurements of EOF for the buffers alone in a bare silica capillary are shown as black solid circles (note reversal of EOF at low pH when UltraTrol is not present).

UltraTrol HN = “High Normal” EOF
(EOF like bare silica capillaries, but without reversal at low pH)
UltraTrol LN = “Low Normal” EOF
(EOF like the best coated capillaries, but independent of pH and buffer selection)
UltraTrol HR = “High Reverse” EOF
(EOF like UltraTrol HN, but with EOF running in reverse direction)

The complete UltraTrol Product Technical Guide containing detailed information to assist in product selection and in planning optimized separations utilizing UltraTrol, is available for your convenience in a downloadable PDF format.

Including the selection guide shown above, the UltraTrol Product Technical Guide contains the following sections:

UltraTrol Dynamic Pre-Coatings
UltraTrol Properties
Coating Stability
Compatibility with Hyphenated CE Methods
–Mass Spectrometry
–Low-UV Detection
Capillary Regeneration

UltraTrol Application Notes

UltraTrol Dynamic Pre-Coating User Manual

When you are ready to put UltraTrol to work in the laboratory, or you are ready to begin designing an SOP for the use of UltraTrol, a succinct UltraTrol Dynamic Pre-Coating User Manual is available for your convenience in a downloadable PDF format.

UltraTrol Certificate of Analysis

A certificate of analysis, documenting the internal performance testing results on each lot of UltraTrol, is available in a downloadable PDF format at:

UltraTrol Safety Data Sheet

One copy of the UltraTrol SDS is provided with every shipment of UltraTrol. For your convenience, the UltraTrol SDS may also be downloaded in PDF format.